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Things To Be Done Before Shipping

Things To Be Done Before Shipping

Things To Be Done Before Shipping

How much through you have been with your search to get excellent Auto Shipping Service and how reliable and competent is that company doesn’t matter, because accidents are unpredictable and undesirable always. That’s why certain measures should be taken care of to minimise the damages and let you be safe of unconditional situations.

Questions To Be Asked

Since we established how it doesn’t matter how well you transporter is or experienced, sometimes accidents are unavoidable. That’s why it’s necessary to ask certain questions and take prevention measures in case of.

  • 1. Along with services and tolls, ask about their damage handling system.
  • 2. What comes under insurance, what not, and how much of insurance claim does they provide.
  • 3. How they determine these damages and do they have inspection for every delivery before their pick up or not.
  • 4. Try to be present during pick-up and arrivals.
  • 5. Never settle for just a percentage of insurance coverage.
  • 6. Make sure to go through their reviews to determine how they service you.

Prepare Your Car

It is common sense to prepare your car before you hand it for shipping. Auto Shipping Service may provide you insurance but making sure to minimise damage or loss of certain things are highly advisable.

  • Wash your car thoroughly inside and out, so that you can take picture of your car clearly and make copies one for you and one for Transport Company that will help during inspection after deliver. Don’t forget to sign those copies.
  • Remove the car belongings like stereo, GPS system that may not come under accidental claims.
  • Check the tire pressure and such to make loading and unloading without causing damage to your car.
  • Switch your alarm systems off to ensure it doesn’t cause problems during transporting.
  • Clear the car of toll passes and such to ensure it doesn’t get lost in case of accidents.
  • Empty your car of fuel and be thorough about it.

Nowadays, road mishaps are common and no matter how reliable and experienced our transporter is, these things do happen. Ensuring prevention measures doesn’t mean you are looking for it. It means you are practical and smart. It is always safe to be prepared for contingency however unlikely. Auto Shipping Service should include for these if not its issue that shouldn’t be overlooked.

We understand these concerns and make sure to put a rest to it. Call AUTO TRANS SOLUTIONS 24X7 customer service to ask for questions you may have.