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Door To Door Auto Transport

Door To Door Auto Transport

Door To Door Auto Transport

The rising graph of Auto Transport need in USA has fostered a mushrooming numbers of interstate Auto Transport Companies in the country. If you have a new or classic car to transport, then booking with an Auto Transport company is the right way to transport your vehicle in safe. Transporting cars from one state to other is prone to many on way hazards like weather, accidents, snowfall etc. Only an Auto transport company can protect your car from all such hazards and deliver your car as it is at your new destination. If you want to relocate your car from one state to other then select a company that is providing the Interstate Auto Transporting Services. But be aware, it is a tough task to find the best out of enumerable. It is because; a lot of fake companies are operating throughout USA, who do not lend the exact services what they promise. They may exploit you in various ways, for instance: by charging the extra charges: by not insuring your car from their end on transit: And by sometime they also give your car to a 3rd party to transfer after keeping their commission.

Your car is your second highest investment after your house. So you must need to transfer it with utmost care so that it would reach at your destination as it is. Generally the cars get transported in two ways:1) with Open container or 2) Closed container. If your car is a precious antique or imported or a new one, then it is always recommended to transport it with the closed container. It keeps your vehicle away from the weather hazards like sun and storm. But the cheapest way to transport your car is the Open container, in which a number of cars say (3-4) would be loaded and transported. In such case your car would be exposed to the outward hazards. But you need not be worried, the transporting company would take all the measures to protect your car from all these hazards and deliver it to you in an intact condition.

One of the easiest ways to find out a reliable company is to judge the services it is providing. Services include, pick up and drop up facility, insurance coverage, timely delivery, Preparation of paper works etc. Most of the Auto Shipping Companies prefer terminal to terminal or depot to depot transport. A few of the companies provide Door To Door Facility. In case of terminal to terminal, or depot to depot you have to carry your vehicle to the nearby terminal or depot by yourself and your car would be left at the terminal or depot that is nearest to your destination. In such cases the transit of your vehicle may get delayed and at terminal it may be left abandoned till it is shipped to the destination. This is where your car would be exposed more to the outward hazards. Hence before choosing the Auto Transporting Company you need to consider the followings:


  • The company should be registered and must be having long experience.
  • Check the service list (what the company is promising you to provide).
  • Bring the customers list and meet anyone (if possible).
  • Inspect the stock yard and pay a visit to the office. Find how the officials are.
  • Ask the company what extra it can do for you.

As regard to the services, the door to door services is a tough task for most of the Car Transport Companies. It is because they use heavy containers that carry more than 4-5 vehicles at a time. So the even and wide roads would be their first preference. As it would be easier and safer for them to drive and unload your car in safe. But if your destination is the rural sector, then once again your car is going to get exposed to the weather hazards like sun, rain, storm and hail at the nearby depot. In case of this, it would not be wise to spend so much money on closed transfer. Some of the reasons that restrict the door to door transport are:

  • The lack of wide roads.
  • The lack of wide space at the delivery destination for the free movement of the container.
  • If there is no other vehicle to be delivered on your way to your destination etc.

Door To Door Auto Transport is given only by the authentic and reliable Auto Transporting Companies. It is because they always think of 100% customers satisfaction. The company authorities would take up your car making proper documentation including photocopies of your car from your home and deliver your car in the exact condition at the destination mentioned. These companies give you scope to inspect your vehicle properly at the time of delivery and sign the letter of acceptance. In case of any scratch or denting, you may file the complain on spot. The door to door facility would leave you totally stress-less.

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