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Interstate Auto Transport

Interstate Auto Transport

Interstate Auto Transport

What does really the Interstate Vehicle Transport mean in USA? It really means to the domestic auto transport or the shipment of vehicles from one state to other in the United States. USA has topped the list in the matter of Interstate Car Transportation. The expansion of industrialisation and urbanisation are the key factors that give rise to the extensive demand for car shipping. Shipping a car from one state to other has always been a tedious task. This simply would enhance your work load and irritation. This is where the Interstate Vehicle Transport Companies are proved to be helpful. May it be local, intrastate or interstate or overseas, hiring a transport company is always a best idea.

In recent years, the biggest consumers of Car Transport Services In USA have been the car manufacturers and the car dealerships themselves. They use the Car Transport Agencies to bring their cars from the distant automotive factories to their business establishments in cheap cost. The private individuals those who want to shift from one place to other for the reasons like job, climate change, vacation or for settling permanently in a state contribute a lot for this industry. Everybody wants to relocate their valuable belongings in safe, and if it is the shipment of your precious car then you must think thousand times before handing it over to someone for shipment.

In general four types of Interstate Auto Transport Services are available in USA: road transport, rail transport, air transport and freight transport. Road Transport is the cheapest and most popular option of all. Simply your transport company will put your vehicle on a trailer with many different vehicles and transfer to your desired destination. This is why using a Professional Car Transport Service is the most cost effective way to relocate your car. Besides this is the only mode of transportation that can give you home delivery of your vehicle at your destination. You can experience a stress free relocation of your car.

No doubt, hiring a professional Interstate Car Transporting Company would make your shipment effective. But choosing a good company from the thousands operating is a tough task. The following few considerations would help you in selecting one that best fits to your taste, preference and budget.


  • Collect the Quotations from different companies with the list of services they provide.
  • Don’t give the price more importance. Find one that best suits to your taste and preference.
  • Check, if it is registered or not and how long has it been in this profession.
  • Know about the Extra-charge (if any), insurance, mode of delivery, mode of payment, containers using, people from your locality or proximity they have served etc.
  • Get the contract document and read it in detail. Tell the company to change something if not worth mentioning.
  • Always keep a signed copy of every document you are signing with the company.

Preparing your car for the shipment is an arduous task. You need to be very careful while preparing your car for the shipment. Paying heed on the followings would help you for the best preparation of your car for the shipment.

  • Wash your car thoroughly.
  • Notice and record if there are any chips, dents, scratches or other cosmetic damage.
  • Take the close-up shots of your car from different angles and date them in presence of the inspecting authority. Keep a copy of record with you and give one to them.
  • Remove the customer products and personal items like stereos, video and DVD players, TVs, GPS Systems etc. Make sure your automobile transporter’s insurance will not cover any personal items inside your vehicle it get damaged during transit.
  • Remove or deactivate any toll tags or parking passes on your car. They are valuable and could be targeted for theft.
  • Top off all fluids in the car.

Remember, the better you prepare your car for shipment, the more likely it will arrive on time and without damage. The best part is to follow the shipping instructions. In case you are unaware, demand an instruction sheet from your Car Transporting Company on how to prepare the car for shipment. It is always a good idea for the better preparation.

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