Confused! What to choose between Enclosed or Open Auto Transport. Here is a solution.

Confused! What to choose between Enclosed or Open Auto Transport. Here is a solution.

There are millions of automobile users in the U.S. and most of them are car owners. When it comes to cars, a car owner has to grapple with numerous problems associated with it and one of those problems is none other than the transportation of the automobile from one place to another.

There are various ways an owner can solve this issue. He can simply drive his/her car from one destination to the other. But such a move will be time taking and can also take a toll on fuel intake.

Moreover, there is also a chance for the automobile to a breakdown in the middle of the road by stranding you without any support or repair. Now, instead of facing all such problems, you can take the option of Open Auto Transport provided by Auto Trans Solutions that will make things easier for you.                  

Here are two of the most effective solutions that can help you out:-    


What Is Enclosed Auto Transport?


closed auto transport


Do you have high-end luxury cars that you want to transport? If you do then going for the option of Enclosed Auto Transport will be better for you. With the help of this option, you can ensure your prized car for safely transporting from one place to another without any damage. We have both stackable and non-stackable trailers that work as specialized vehicles for transporting cars to different places.  

This option has lots of benefits such as:-

a) With this option in hand, Safety and timely delivery are guaranteed, unlike self-transportation. 

b) This option also reduces your insurance premium since insurance companies trust enclosed car shipping services.       


What Is Open Auto Transport?


open auto transport


As far as the option of Open Auto Transport is concerned, it is one of the quickest & most affordable ways to transport cars. Additionally, it is also one of the best methods of placing your car in safe hands for relocating it to a new place. You can opt for single-car trailers or trucks that haul more than ten cars at a time that are used for this purpose. However, the door to door transporting facility that comes with this option is also very popular.   


a) The option of Open Auto Transport avails the facility of modifying the transport according to the needs of the car owner to ensure maximum safety of the automobile.

b) This option is an excellent choice for cars that are driven daily rather than those that are expensive & fragile.    


Difference Between Open And Closed Transport.


As far as the difference between open & closed transport options is concerned, there are several differences:-

a) The option of the open transport system is known for providing fast & affordable service and at the same time, Enclosed Auto Transport option is capable of providing safety & security while transporting high-end vehicles.

b) Moreover, contrary to the popular belief, cars dispatched through Open Auto Transport are secured with advanced equipment to protect them from vibration & jolts on the road whereas enclosed transport services come with drop floors that can put up with some more cars. Enclosed vehicles are also climate-controlled to protect cars from weather damage, cold or heat.     


Which One Is The Best?  


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Both these options of our Car Transport Services In USA provide the best of services. It is up to the owner of the automobile to decide which one is the best option for him as it will solely depend on several aspects of his planning such as:-

a) Budget

b) Pros & Cons

c) Insurance

d) Rate Quotes.      


How Car Transporting Services Provide Both Of The Service Exceptionally Well?


Car Transporting Services also is known as Auto Trans Solutions is a professional shipping company with years of experiences in the field. We are capable of providing both the services excellently well because we possess the best potent tools, containers & technologies. Apart from that, we employ the most pleasing and accomplished transporters. Additionally, we also have guaranteed insurance coverage & well-placed insurance system.

Our Open Auto Transport as well as Enclosed auto transport services will serve you well without any exception. Apart from these two, you can also go through every other option that can be suitable for you. Just visit us @  to know more details.   

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