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Expedited Auto Transport

Expedited Auto Transport

Expedited Auto Transport

Modern day techniques such as rail, ship, and air have brought a new day in the world of transportation. Now transportation is done more competently and swiftly. It is called Expedited Auto Transport.

Features of Expedited Auto Transport

However, not everyone is up to the role. Being scammed is not a pleasant experience. So to choose a competent one, you need to know what to expect:

  • Auto Pick Up and Drop: Once you book a quote, the pickup is arranged and they are likely to drop off at the given destination, if however the delivery truck can’t reach the door, arrangements are made during the pickup so that you don’t have to put out much.
  • Scheduled Delivery: The vehicle are picked up on exact dates and based on the scheduled delivery the bill is made which is given after your successful delivery.
  • Track your Vehicle: The most horrifying aspect of car shipping is to wonder where your precious cargo is. You can track the location of your vehicle until it’s delivered to you.
  • Insurance Coverage: Sometimes even with all the safety features available damages occur. A good company owes it to the customers and provides insurance in case. The vehicle is inspected before giving you bill of landing.
  • Know your Driver: The delivery persons are the face of the Auto Transport Company. Their behaviour is the guide to their ability to perform. Even the customer care executives who are available 24X7 fit the bill.

Now the most important thing to consider is to go through your contract thoroughly before signing and giving your precious vehicle up for shipping. No point crying after the milk is spilled. Expedited Auto Transport doesn’t cover everything. Be sure what is allowed what not. Mostly, ask about any extra charges etc. before agreeing to anything.


Do’s And Don’ts Before Your Vehicle Is Picked up

Well, most cases, if we are little careful, we can minimise some unforeseen losses.

  • Check your car for any personal belongings thoroughly.
  • Take pictures of dents scratches etc. and note down if there are chips engine no. etc.
  • Also, take shots of your car and date them in presence for inspection in front of authority. Keep a copy with you so that inspection during delivery can be made.
  • Remove any toll tags or parking passes on your car.
  • Wash your vehicle and remove all fluids in the car.

Little things like these will save you any additional loss or damages in case of accidental damages. The only thing you need to give them is your car with keys, and experience a tension free delivery. AUTO TRANS SOLUTIONS expertises on helping you deal with these and the mile long satisfied customer reviews are the testament to the fact. We take care of your special charges as our own. Be it Expedited Auto Transport or a simple Domestic Auto Transport, we give every delivery our personal care. Get the sleeves rolled up and get a quote now!!