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Classic Car Transport

Classic Car Transport

Classic Car Transport

A classic car owner is the prickliest car shipping customer. And why shouldn’t he? Any car owners have the right to be wary of handing their vehicle to strangers. But while moving a car interstate, or just to auto shows or museum or potential buyers etc.

it’s better to hand them to professional than risk it driving.

What Do Classic Cars Needs For Moving?

Be it be Domestic Auto Transport or Expedited Auto Transport, classic cars need utmost care during any shipping. Classic Car Shipping requires certain services that any classic car owner should be ask for:

  • Single Enclosed Carriers : These will cost more, you should enquire whether your precious needs single, or multi-carrier since these depends on routes, scheduling, and preferences. Opt for one after you know every fact, then choose one that suits most.
  • Flatbed Transporters : This option allows you to get closer to the destination making driver to treat your car as priority. But ask if the option is available or not. Not every company offers you one.
  • Temperature Control : Climate change affects many times during these Auto Transport business. If your car is sensitive then you need to be aware if the company is fully equipped to handle.
  • Non-Running Vehicles :A working vehicle is never an issue but not working vehicles needs to extra care if you want to move it. The competent company will take care of these details such as tire pressure etc. to move your car with minimal to no damages.
  • Door-to-Door service: Now this is a strictly high cost matter but totally worth it if you want your vehicle delivered safe and sound on your doorstep. However, depending on the location it may not be possible but be sure to ask about it.


If you have any questions, small or big, don’t hesitate. Ask as many questions as you can and read the document carefully and be sure to list all your preferences before you sign them. Be sure to avail the services that suits you whether it’s a Door-to-Door service or Expedited service or just a simple Domestic Auto Transport, you qualify the need to be notified of pickup, drop and tracking of your vehicle and to claim insurance in case of any accidental damage. Because classic or modern, everyday car or exotic one, every vehicle is the apple of the owner’s eye. Among all, it is Classic Car Shipping, which requires modern equipments, knowledgeable staff, and competent drivers. May be cost high than other transports but totally worth it.

However, choosing a Reliable Auto Transport may seem a daunting task, but it’s not an impossible one. A competent company knows better and will to assist you with information and keep you abreast of the proceedings. Any company asking for money upfront is a major trouble. 24X7 service and damage coverage is a small thing but it shows the integrity of the company.

Knowing what you want is first step towards successful endeavour, and trusting the right one for the job is the final step. AUTO TRANS SOLUTIONS has always been the one to rise to challenges like this and make the benchmark of success. Classic Car Shipping has never been this easy before. Get your Quote now!!