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About Us

About Us

About Our Company

The years of experience, awards, and countless satisfied customers have made AUTO TRANS SOLUTIONS one of the top ranking Auto Shipping Company in the world. The company has developed a strong reputation and relationship globally by providing fastest, honest and most reliable Auto-transportation services. This helps in providing a safety net to people looking for easy, safe and fast delivery services. The company based in Des Plaines, Illinois stands to reason that Auto Transport business may seem murky at best, but not everybody is out there to get you. Let us show you why we are the best..

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Expensive or inexpensive every car is our no. 1 priority. We understand our customer concerns and requirement. To trust a stranger with your car is not an easy thing to do. That’s why we provide:

  • Potent tools, containers and technologies
  • Most pleasing and accomplished transporters and customer service experts
  • Guaranteed insurance coverage and a well placed inspection system

The trust you honours us with is important to us. And we thrive in proving that it is well placed and well deserved.

What Makes Us Better ?

Almost a decade over, we have been growing steadily and quickly in this Auto Shipping business. Every model and make of your everyday car, luxury, classic, exotic, antique cars, Vans, SUVs and what not. Ship across state or within, we have been adding stories of success over and over. This is why we have a growing list of satisfied clientele. Well, too much of it sounds like boasting but all true. But truth is for you to see and for us show. And cross our heart, we are proud of our growing family and hope to continue proving our calibre in the future over and over again.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

US transport business is a murky business and lots are out there to scam. However, we are not third party taking cut from making shipping deal. We have our own transporters and carriers who are out to show why they are the best.

Green Intiative

Eco Friendly Initiative

Each year humans emit more greenhouse gases than the previous year, and this increase in carbon footprints has profound effects on the environment. With this, we uncover how we as an Auto Transport Company are helping individuals

What We Ship

Car Transport


Do you need to move your car to a different state? It is not as easy as moving to next city. For one, it is a job that should be done by professional. However, it is not easy to trust your precious in hands of stranger. Nevertheless, it’s cost-effective, safe, quick, environment friendly plus hassles free in hands of Reliable Auto Transport Company.

Suv Transport


Growing love for SUVs in USA is not news nor is busy life here. Constant moving, vacations, college life, and emergencies are all part of regular schedule. So, is SUV and many times moving your beloved SUV. What we need is a professional company with minimum fuss, isn’t it?


Van Transport


Van owners do pay much for the convenience, comfort, and ease of their vehicle. However, when it comes to transporting it from one place to another, it does require a lot of thought. What happens when your van breaks down on a highway or you are moving interstate or anything unpredictable. Life is unfair and so is transport service.

Limousine Transport


Limousine is the ultimate symbol of luxury transport. However, moving them requires little bit of more planning and cost than usual. To get Limousine Auto Transport Services, you will need to focus on few things more. First, whether it’s a Limousine or your day to day car, applying for shipping services means using multiple quotes from companies


Car Shipping Tips & Suggestions

The Best Car Shipping Tips & Suggestions! Whether you're a first time customer for car shipping or been using vehicle transport companies for years, Auto Trans Solutions provide the best guides for shipping your car, how much it costs to ship a car, what factors affect pricing and how to prepare your car for shipping etc.