Car Transport USA - How To Prepare Your Vehicle To Be Shipped

Car Transport USA - How To Prepare Your Vehicle To Be Shipped

Are You Preparing to Have Your Car Shipped and Want to Make Sure It’s Ready to Go? In any case, don't stress, Car Transport USA is there to support you. A standout amongst the most critical parts of delivering a vehicle is the proprietor to have it arranged for shipment. So this underneath focuses is to guarantee that your vehicle is sheltered and secure amid transport.


Wash Your Vehicle



Soil and residue can without much of stretch conceal dings, scratches, and imprints. Before you have the auto transport organization get your vehicle, wash it all together. With a clean car, you will be better able to notice any possible damage caused by the shipping process once it arrives at its destination.


Take Photos Of Existing Damage



When you locate signs of damage, like scratches, paint chips, dents, rust, and any other minor defect, photograph them with the help of either smartphone camera or dedicated camera. Make sure that the close-up photos show the imperfections clearly.


Remove Valuable Products


You should remove any personal items and electronic devices, import documents, expensive jewelry pieces, etc. from the interior of your vehicle as the insurance of your car shipping company won’t cover such possessions in case they go missing during transportation.


Bill Of Lading


Bill of Lading is a schedule of goods to be loaded onto a form of transport. When shipping your car, bill of lading is basically a receipt of the shipment. It will tell your carrier company that what vehicle needs to be shipped and where it is shipping from to which place.


Remove Or Secure Loose Parts


If you have any parts on the exterior of your vehicle that are removable or loose so be sure to either secure them or remove them before shipping your car across the country. Remove your antenna and place it in your trunk or retrace it. Fold your side-view mirrors in.


Maintenance Check Before Shipment


Here are some of the mechanical issues can cause damage to your car so before transportation you should conduct the maintenance of your car.


     ♦ Check and top all fluids

     ♦ Ensures ties are properly inflated

    ♦ Make note of any mechanical issues and inform trucker of any special steps that must be taken to drive a car on and off the truck.

     ♦ Check mileage and record.


Disable Alarm/Security Systems



Some vehicles have very sensitive alarm systems and the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle; movements of the auto transport truck can cause them to go off. To avoid making an enemy of the truck driver, be sure you disable any alarm systems your vehicle may have.


Remove Toll Tags And Passes

If your car is equipped with automatic parking passes or toll tags, make sure deactivate them before your auto shipper arrives to take your car. Car Transport Service USA would help you with the smooth transfer of your car.


Empty Gas Tank



When your vehicle is being transported, not driven, there’s no need to fill the tank with gas prior to loading. In addition, having a full tank of gasoline will make the vehicle heavier which will ultimately add weight and risk to your shipment being transported. Leave as meagre fuel in the tank as conceivable while setting up your vehicle for transport.


Extra Set Of Keys



You need to make certain you have an additional arrangement of each key fundamental for your vehicle. When your car is picked up by the Auto Transport USA, they will need keys to drive it on and off the truck. On the chance that you don’t have an additional arrangement of keys, at that point make sure you get them made in advance. You do not want to give the trucker the only set of car keys you have.


So before apportioning your vehicle to Car Transport USA, it is important to set up your vehicle for transportation. The means referenced above would be useful for setting up your vehicle for transportation. For more information, you can visit our website @