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Military Auto Shipping

Military Auto Shipping

Military Auto Shipping

The most demand of competent and reliable auto shipping is for the military. Who knows where you are going the next moment. Yes, they require a shipping company who gets the pressure and does a job well done.

Features Of Our Military Auto Shipping

We provide a high range of services that makes Military Auto Shipping a simple and easy affair. Although you can always go for Door To Door Transport services or Expedite Transport services, and so on, Military Auto Shipping has its own liberties. There are few details given below that will help you choose the best course of action you need.

  • Types Of Transport Available: SUV, Car, and Van etc.
  • Destinations Of Transport Available: Pickup and drop-off at military base
  • Delivery Schedule: For service members, 1-6 calendar days from the date your vehicle is picked up to deliver. However, pickup date is usually 2-7 business days after booking an order. You can apply express delivery, which takes place within 24-72 hours based on the location.
  • No Carrier Assignment, No Hidden Charge: We work quickly to find carriers to ship your car, and we don’t charge credit card payments until after we find a dependable car hauler for your vehicle.
  • High Compliance Standards: We have a carrier compliance department that checks all carriers in our network to ensure we only work with the most professional, qualified, and dedicated truckers.
  • Excellent Customer Service: This is a simple service, which helps to keep your peace of mind, and ask any questions or doubts you have at any time.

But to avail Military Auto Shipping, you need to verify few things too. Below are the few requirements every shipping company demands before agreeing to Military style Transport.


Military Auto Transfer Requirements:

  • The vehicle must be owned or being leased by a member of the military or a dependent.
  • The auto must be self-propelled and legal on public highways.
  • If a leased vehicle, written consent for transport must be included from the third party.
  • You must have four wheels or more.

Now, you are all done for a Military Auto Shipping. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot ask about its services, such as why should we opt for open trailers, or how will I know when to pickup, or what happens in case of accidental damages, do we need to change tires and so on. These things will let you have a grasp on the integrity and ability of the company. Moreover never choose a company if it’s asking for upfront payment. Besides, customer is allowed to have their peace of mind. Any professional company will get your concerns and help wherever they can.

24X7 customer care service of AUTO TRANS SOLUTIONS is there if you have any doubt or question. You are free to call and enquire about our services and us any time. We are happy to help. Find Military Auto Shipping and get an instant quote to get the ball rolling now.