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Military Car Shipping Quotes

Military Car Shipping Quotes

Military Car Shipping Quotes

Military personnel play a crucial role in our world. And such is their life. Who knows where life takes them the next moment. With such an unpredictable life, moving becomes a minor issue. But what about moving their cars?

Why Military Car Shipping?

Whether you are a civilian or army personnel, moving interstate with cars doesn’t even sound easy. And it becomes more complicated when it comes to Military Car. Below few points gives a little light on why Military Car Shipping is a blessing in disguise:

  • Sometimes there is a very limited time before you have to report. In those cases, packing and moving without having to care about your car do lessen the time on the move.
  • Secondly, you can always avail the fast track process at a moment’s notice.
  • However, what matters is not all costs are covered or reimbursed during a PCS(Permanent Change of Station), not to mention in any other type of move.
  • With a POV(Privately Owned Vehicle), additional baggage such as car seats, tools, car covers etc. are even allowed.
  • Whether it’s interstate moving or just a few hundred miles, you can pack and move anytime anywhere and let your car follow you there.
  • Besides, with allowances and stipend government allows, only a single vehicle is reimbursed and shipping costs matter much when it comes to your POV(Privately Owned Vehicle).

Best Preferred Car Shipping Services

While points such as insurance coverage, additional baggage with no extra charges and fast track methods do make a healthy case for a preferred Car Shipping For Military Personnel, many highlighted services of a Car Shipping Company do get their attention:

  • Open Auto Transport: Open trailers with multi carrier are cheaper and much preferred.
  • Enclosed Auto Transport: Some cars are sensitive and do ask for Enclosed trailers. You can choose accordingly.
  • Door-to-Door Transport: It is a much preferred service you can choose or it can be from Military base to Military base.
  • Terminal-to-Terminal Transport: This option can be cheap but hardly used.

Each and every shipping service has advantages and disadvantages. You can ask about every service and choose whichever suits your need more. With expert staffs and high quality tools and containers, be it be Military Car Shipping or Luxury Car Shipping, a fast and safe delivery is not a pipe dream anymore.

Stay connected with your Car throughout the transit with AUTO TRANS SOLUTIONS and make stress free car shipping a part of your military life. Get a Quote now!!