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There are few questions that are frequently asked when you are looking for Auto shipping companies. Such as:

Who are you?

AUTO TRANS SOLUTIONS is an Auto shipping company with years of experience to boot.


With the use of advanced tools and containers and enough skilled personnel to boot, we promise to give you easy and hassle free experience. The success comes to those who work for it. Every vehicle and its shipping is important as is the satisfaction of client.

Are you duly authorized?

We are licensed, insured and bonded to ship within or interstate to ship in certain states. To see the list of states we operate click here.

Where are you based?

We are based on Illinois but do have FMCSA approved DOT no. and MC no. for cargo shipping interstate.

What is your MC no. or USDOT no.?

MC is motor carrier no. and US DOT no. is US Department Of Transportation no. that authorises shipping within states and interstate shipping exclusively.

What types of vehicles do you ship?

We ship your day to day cars to exotic, classic, luxury vehicles to SUVs, Vans etc.

What documentation do I need to supply in order to ship my car?

You will need to provide your transporter the registration and title, along with proof of insurance and photo identification. Can you move my personal belongings? We strongly advise you to not use shipping car as luggage transport. We do not take responsibility for any damage, theft or being detained at border by CBP officers.

How much does it cost to ship my car?

The cost to ship a car depends on various factors that includes whether it’s off season or rush season, vehicle size and weight, condition, type of transportation required, distance of transport, and location of pick up and drop off would determine your quote and final cost.

What is the First Available Shipping Date?

The date would be assigned to you only after your vehicle is available with us. The dating would base on availability and proximity to your location and shipment needs. It may vary from 4-5 days from you leave your vehicle with us.

Can you guarantee a pick up or delivery date and time?

This will require additional coordination and a customized quote.

How Will I Know When My Pick Up Date And Time?

You will receive an email with confirmation details, including date and time of pick up.

Do I have to be at pickup or delivery?

You can designate someone on your behalf (over the age of 18) to sign the necessary paperwork. But be sure to authorise it properly.

How can I track my vehicle while in transit?

You will have 24X7 customer services that will notify or you can track them with your mobile through GPS tracking.

Will My Vehicle Be Insured During Shipment?

Yes, we guarantee your vehicle transfer is properly insured and completed without issue.

What is the type of insurance my vehicle is under during shipping?

We offer cargo insurance and 100% damage claims in such cases.

What do I do if my car is damaged during transport?

For such cases, we make customers take shots of the condition of your car during pickup. After delivery, the inspection is done and in case of damage occurred, you address your grievance in Bill of Lading present with transporter.

How long does it take to ship my car?

The normal estimate of shipping is also based on factors that includes type of transportation required, distance of transport, and location of pick up and drop off.

What is Door-to-Door auto transport?

This is the most popular and preferred service. Instead of dropping your car off at a terminal, the driver will come directly to your home for pickup and delivery. But if it is not possible our transporter will call you to arrange a pickup or drop off place near you that is suitable for you.

What is the difference between open and enclosed transport?

This type of transport is based on the make and model of car. Open trailers are cheapest service and preferred if you don’t mind little dirt. But if your car is sensitive to external climates and dust or is newly acquired, you may choose enclosed trailers.

How do I pay for my transport service?

You can pay on pickup, or delivery. You will be served Bill of Lading after delivery and inspection. The balance can be paid with cash, check (no personal checks), money order, and credit card with 3% charge fee at the time of delivery.

What do I do if I need to cancel my order? Do I get a refund?

To cancel your service, contact our customer service team. Deposit will only be refunded if your transporter has not yet been deployed for pick up. That is 24 hours within booking, cancellation is free. But 24 hours prior, you are liable to pay $150 cancellation fee.

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