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Open Auto Transport

Open Auto Transport

Open Auto Transport

Open Trailer Automobile Shipping is the quickest and most affordable way to transport cars. Its one of the best methods for placing your car in safe hands during relocation. Open Auto Transport Service is the most affordable among all methods of car transport. Single car Trailers or Trucks that haul more than 10 cars at a time are used for this purpose. This Door To Door Transport is a very popular choice among car owners. Open Auto Transport can be customised according to the needs of the car owner to ensure maximum safety of the automobile. Open Auto Transport is an excellent choice for cars that are driven daily as opposed to expensive, fragile cars. Contrary to popular belief, cars shipped through Open Auto Transport are secured with advanced equipment to protect them against vibration and road shocks.

Trailers deployed for Open Auto Transport comes in three variations. A 75-80 feet carrier is used to haul between 8-10 cars. The same carrier may also be used to transport 6-7 cars or 3-4 cars according to the needs of the customer. The service you choose must be in accordance with the level of convenience with which you want your automobile transported. The trailers are multi-level and are highly energy efficient. They’re also equipped with fully hydraulic ramps for careful loading of cars. Since customers share expenses with other customers, Open Auto Transport is rendered inexpensive compared to other modes of transport.

The two main modes of transport for cars include Open Auto Transport and Enclosed Auto Transport. Open Auto Transport is mostly preferred and offered by almost all Car Shipping Companies. The multi-level trailers used in Open Car Carrier Services are commonly available making it a most sought-after service. Higher availability of these standard open trucks has made them affordable to the public. Open Car Transport Services are incapable of protecting the loaded cars from external elements, but their popularity has forced companies to be extra cautious about delivering each automobile safely to its owner.


Benefits of availing Open Auto Transport Service:

  • Doorstep Delivery: Drivers are exclusively instructed to precisely follow both pick-up and drop off locations and to arrive at the doorstep, if legally possible. If door-to-door service is not possible, car owners are expected with co-operate with drivers and arrive at the nearest possible location to release or accept the automobile.
  • Communication: Clear communication between the vehicle owner and the truck driver is emphasised. The pick-up/drop-off schedule is notified to the truck driver who will contact the customer 24 hours before the pick-up/drop-off timing. The Shipment Tracking feature works as an added advantage for convenient auto shipping.
  • Insured Vehicle: A thorough inspection of the vehicle will be conducted by the driver and a report filed to ensure transparency between pickup and delivery. A copy of the report will be provided to the customer. This is to ensure your car is delivered exactly the way it was picked up without damages. In the event of accidental damages, a minimum insurance coverage of $100000 is in effect.
  • Driveaway: Some services offer to drive your car to its destination instead of hauling it on to an open trailer. Driveaway costs are lesser than availing an open trailer. Drivers are hand-picked for this task and your car will be fully insured. Driveaways are ideal for shorter distances due to unavailability of drivers for this task as well as due to high costs.

How To Ship Your Car Using An Open Car Shipping Carrier?

Although Open Car Shipping exposes your car to accidental damage, less than 5% of cars transported using this method arrive with damages due to extra care and caution taken by transporters. But you can play your part in readying your vehicle for transportation to minimize damage or loss of any kind. Here are a few ways you can prepare your vehicle before its hauled on to the open truck for transport:

  • Car Wash: Though this may seem counter-intuitive, a proper car wash before open air shipping will not only clean your car but will also help you assess pre-existing scratches or dents. This way you can easily identify the minutest scratch occurred during shipping.
  • Pre-Existing Damage: Find and note any pre-existing damage and compare it with the driver’s inspection report to find damages on the road.
  • Photographs: Take lots of pictures of your vehicle from all angles so that any disagreements regarding damages can be easily disputed with photographic evidence. Don’t forget to add dates to the photographs.
  • Driver Acknowledgment: It's not enough if you know pre-existing damages. Perform an inspection along with the driver so that you can together acknowledge pre-existing damages and agree on accrued damages in transit without debate.
  • Empty the Gas Tank: It's advisable to not leave any gas in the tank to avoid safety hazards on the road. However, you can consult your Open Transport Carrier to know if its ok to leave a quarter tank.

Auto Trans Solutions Open Transport Services:

AUTO TRANS SOLUTIONS is a reputable, efficient American Auto Transport Service that ships cars between locations with due care. At Auto Trans, your vehicle will be loaded with other vehicles on a strong carrier that will safely transport them without danger of theft or damage.

Auto Trans Solutions is the most affordable Auto Shipping Transport you will ever find. Compared to similar services in the vicinity, we offer the highest level of service and most affordable pricing.

Qualified drivers with years of experience in safely carrying vehicles on open air trailers are appointed to ensure all cars are in safe hands.

Drivers are provided with additional training to perform the job well and to avoid mishaps at all costs to bring customer's vehicles safely to its destination.

We fully insure both the driver as well as all cars entrusted to us, so you can rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands.

A single truck and a single driver will get your car from its source to the destination so there is no risk of damage while changing trucks.

We have several experienced drivers to cater to all our customers and to smoothen the pick-up/delivery process.

Pros and Cons of Open Air Transport:


  • Open Auto Transport is easily cheap auto transport and is a readily available alternative for car shipping compared to Enclosed Transport.
  • Open Transport Trailers are commonly seen and are easily available for hire.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, Open Auto Transport is faster and can be easily scheduled.
  • They are also the most secure among all auto transport methods.


  • Open Auto Transport is not recommended for transporting Luxury Cars and Sensitive Cars since open trucks subject automobiles to various hazards on road like dust and rocks. It also exposes them to harsh weather conditions while in transit. This is the main reason car owners with expensive, sensitive cars choose enclosed auto transport over open auto transport.

Open Auto Transport is the best method for car shipping if you're relocating. Everyday driven cars can be transported easily with Open Auto Transport without accruing damage. Safety, Reliability, and Affordability are a guarantee. Choose a carrier after reviewing past ratings by customers. Don’t forget to review the transport carrier’s insurance options and choose the best fit.

Transporters provide written insurance certificates to customers. Entrust your automobile with a Reliable Car Transporter and forget all hassles of car shipping. Choose a carrier that provides the best customer service and who will treat your vehicle as their own.