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Things To Be Done After Shipping

Things To Be Done After Shipping

Things To Be Done After Shipping

You know how getting a tattoo is like. After lots of research and pain, when we get our tattoo, all we want is to rejoice. But the aftercare is really important and unavoidable. Such is Car Shipping. With all the upheaval and dramas of moving, we sometimes forget the aftercare process.

Steps To Take After Car Shipping

Well, after delivery and payment, you can indulge in a glass of champagne. But then prepare for the successful relocation process. This process is as important as your Car Shipping process was:

  • Step I: Contact your new DMV office. Because when you move to a new state in USA, Department of Motor Vehicles will come with new rules and regulations. It is important to be aware.
  • Step II: Apply for new driving license for you and registration for your car. Change of state means driving license and registrations of your old state isn’t valid in your new state though.
  • Step III: You need to know how long you can drive with old license and registrations. Because states like Florida allows 10 days before you need license and registrations whereas states like New York allows 30 days.
  • Step IV: Renew your Auto Insurance because even though you are allowed the same insurance, you have to purchase again for registering your car in a new state.
  • Step V: For Auto insurances and registrations, the inspection of your car needs to be done which includes emission checks. So if you have not done proper washing and servicing before shipping, you have to do it now.

That is one of the reasons why most people prefer Car Shipping rather than driving. Of course, driving is a waste of time and money. And added hassles do deter most people. Which is why finding Safe and Reliable Auto Transport Company becomes the first thing to handle while planning a move.

Let AUTO TRANS SOLUTIONS take care of the biggest challenge of your move, and you will know what ‘Easy and Safe Vehicle Delivery is all about.