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Car Shipping Safety Tips And Tricks

Car Shipping Safety Tips And Tricks

Car Shipping Safety Tips And Tricks

There are two kinds of people- generally trusting or totally sceptical ones. Both are human nature, but it is a regular battle between these two natures that makes us smart and leads us to make intelligent choices. So, when it comes to Car Shipping, it is important to know how and why to make calculated decisions.

How To Make Safe Choice Regarding Car Shipping

USA is a leading Automobile trading nation, where Auto Transportation is growing day by day, the scams are too. It becomes highly essential that we make wise choice when it comes to Car Shipping:

  • Doing research, comparing quotes, reading reviews and testimonials is the first step towards making right choice. But don’t choose based on cost only, the service quality and experience matters.
  • The next step is to enquire about its services and insurance system. Trying to read in between the lines is difficult and that is why this step is a major headache.
  • While enquiring about their pickup and delivery service, ask if they are using Terminals and waiting for the carriers to be filled before they transport, this may cause undesirable delays you don’t want.
  • Check if they are registered and don’t take them on their words, get everything in writing and be careful of fine prints. Better cross check with your legal personnel on its authenticity.
  • Do know about payment methods and cancellation structures. Don’t ever agree to advance deposit or payment before delivery and damage inspection. And if the cancellation policies are too much, be careful. Plans change and you don’t have to be saddled with unnecessary circumstances then.
  • Before handing your car to them, check the condition of your car, empty fuel and clear the car of its belongings such as stereo system, GPS system, toll passes etc. Also do a favour to the transporter, switch the alarms off before handing them your car.
  • For damage inspection after delivery, take shots of your car from every angle, note down chip no. etc. in front of the transporter and keep a signed copy with you.

Remember, the safety of your car belongs to you first. AUTO TRANS SOLUTIONS is determined to give you a stress free and an easy experience. But choice is yours.