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Car Transport


Car Transport

Do you need to move your car to a different state? It is not as easy as moving to next city. For one, it is a job that should be done by professional. However, it is not easy to trust your precious in hands of stranger. Nevertheless, it’s cost-effective, safe, quick, environment friendly plus hassles free in hands of Reliable Auto Transport Company.

Why Professional Car Shipping?

What are the costs rendered in a personal Car Transport?

  • It’s important your car is totally up-to-date for a long trip.
  • Fuel for your car
  • You need food and rest stop.
  • Toll passes and other liabilities of road transport.
  • To top it off, interstate driving license and map for proper guidance to your destination.

Still then, there is no. of miscellaneous costs that crop up. Let’s take a look at Professional Car shipping.

  • First of all, the only thing you need to worry is choosing the right quote based on your needs.
  • Even if you don’t have a properly functioning car, it’s not hard to ship your car.
  • Empty your car belonging such as stereo, GPS system, Toll passes etc. Less the weight, lower the cost. Besides better to keep things like these with you than risk missing or damaged.
  • All you need is get your car in the hands of a professional and take care of the destination.
  • Have it delivered to your door or collect it from nearest terminal whichever suits.

How To Professionally Ship A Car Safe?

Take care of few details and get your car delivered safely. Even professionally, you need to prepare your car for a safe Car Transport.

  • Empty your gas tank, but leave a quarter-tank to allow for transport in case of terminal delivery .
  • Wash and clean your car fully, inside and out.
  • Take shots of your car from different angle and note down engine no. or chip etc. And keep a copy of signed copy to yourself and one with inspection officer so that you can inspect it at time of delivery and claim damage charges if any.
  • Apply a full coat of wax to the exterior of the car to serve as a bug and debris barrier during transport.
  • Check if your vehicle is leaking fluids and let the transporter know so that the fluids don't drip onto another car or cause a fire or safety hazard.
  • Ask what fluids may be left in your vehicle and which need to be emptied completely.
  • Check your battery charge and tire pressure. Inflate your tires for safe loading and unloading.
  • Remove things like toll tags and passes from windshields to prevent possible damage or missing.
  • Remove all personal belongings, but leave behind a spare tire and jack.

These are some precautions but the most important precaution is to check the Auto Transport Services and contract before agreeing to hand over the car to them. Not every company is upfront about their services and paying before delivery and damage inspection is asking for trouble. Be sure about their services and extra charges and check thoroughly before you allow a company for your Car Transport.

Years of successful service and improvised tools and staff of AUTO TRANS SOLUTIONS makes it a preferred choice for Interstate Auto Transport all over USA. Call our 24X7 customer service to quote or to ask for doubts.