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Laws And Standards On Importing A Motor Vehicle

Laws And Standards On Importing A Motor Vehicle

Laws And Standards On Importing A Motor Vehicle

Buying a car online may be easy and lucrative, but not only shipping your car will require research and attention but also if it involves Importing Motor Vehicle. In US soil, you need little more than proper documents for importing.

3 Major Approval Authorities Of US

If you are Importing Motor Vehicle, your vehicle will need to pass approval of 3 Authorities’ requirements:

  • US EPA(Environmental Protection Agency)
  • US DOT(Department of Transportation)
  • US CBP(Custom and Border Protection)

DOT and the EPA advice that although an independent car may be admitted for the short term, the modification required for its approval are quite extensive and expensive for foreign vehicles in the U.S. soil. That is why these restrictions and modifications should be investigated before importing. But since these laws are liable to change, it is recommended to check with DOT and EPA through their websites while importing.

CBP requirements are more crucial since they check all the required standards, laws, clearances and documentation during importation and have the right to seize any shipment without prior requirements.

3 Major US Standards

The US DOT and EPA require checking the following vehicle standard before giving clearance.

  • Emission Standards
  • Safety Standards
  • Bumper Standards

Check their website or call us for details for details.

Required Paper-work

Now, if your vehicle does not provide clearance for the above mentioned standards, your vehicle is liable to be seized and denied entry. But apart from these standard clearances, you will need:

  • Foreign Registration
  • Bill of Sale
  • Landing Bill
  • Documents related to your vehicle

Apart from above, they will look for undercarriage cleaning, duty entry where they check year and make, shipping personal belongings which is basically advised against, prohibited imports like from Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, or North Korea, or any other Prohibited Country, and Gas-Guzzlers that doesn’t come under emission standards. For Importing Motor Vehicle you need to have an ICI (Independent Commercial Importers).

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