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Car Shipping Insurance

Car Shipping Insurance

Car Shipping Insurance

Insurance is a type of legal investment that people do to protect themselves from unforeseen losses. And car insurances are a whole new game. It covers for car damages, injuries, shipping insurances etc.

However, we will focus on the Car Shipping Insurances exclusively.

Important Questions To Be Asked

While determining how to go about shipping insurances, it’s important to ask the right questions. Car Shipping Insurances are generally little tricky and needs homework to be done. The following questions are some of the main ones that you should ask:

  • What items and parts does the insurance cover?
  • What types of damages will it cover?
  • How much of the damage will it cover?
  • What time period will it cover and what are renewal process?
  • Whether modifications and such will be covered?
  • Whether every part of the car covered or specific parts of it?
  • What’s the deductible (if there is one)?
  • What’s the coverage limit?
  • What are the options available for purchasing additional insurance coverage?
  • Whether additional coverage is required for all types or specific?

You can ask your own car insurance company whether they cover shipping insurances first. And notify them when you ship your car beforehand.

Measures To Be Taken To Get Insurance Claims

Having Car Shipping Insurances does not mean, you can ship your car without doing your homework. There are lots of things you should take care of before shipping off your car:

  • Get the details of insurance coverage your Shipping Company is prepared to pay
  • Keep every details of it written and signed
  • Talk and proofread everything with your Insurance Company
  • Take the items that are not covered in damage claims
  • For inspection during delivery, keep pictures of your cars and note down chip no. and such in front of your transporter and keep a copy yourself.
  • Do not pay before damage inspection and write an account in the landing bill
  • Know how to go about your complaint

Quality insurance cover is essential when shipping a car.This may seem like a long process but not long enough when it comes to your peace of mind. AUTO TRANS SOLUTIONS provide Full Insurance Coverage for every car shipping needs. Be sure to contact us if you ever have any questions about car shipping and our interstate car shipping.

Car Shipping Tips & Suggestions

The Best Car Shipping Tips & Suggestions! Whether you're a first time customer for car shipping or been using vehicle transport companies for years, Auto Trans Solutions provide the best guides for shipping your car, how much it costs to ship a car, what factors affect pricing and how to prepare your car for shipping etc.